Cord Model III


Cord Automobile Company plans the design and production of the new Cord Model III. Well known to the American automobile collector’s market, Cord is associated with styling and quality that makes the brand highly valued. The new luxury Cord Model III will be the first vehicle to use the classic styling of vintage American-made automobiles with new product development in order to maintain continuity with the brand.

The company has developed its new product, the Cord Model III. This vehicle is a reverse luxury motorcycle designed for motorcycle enthusiasts. This concept vehicle is unique in that it offers two front wheels and one in the rear, thus allowing it to handle more like a car than a motorcycle. Unlike other three-wheel motorcycles on the market, the reverse design and classic car styling set this concept vehicle apart and allows it to appeal to a broad range of customers who are interested in collecting luxury brand vehicles and/or motorcyclists. Cord plans to focus initially on the Model III but does envision developing alternative drive vehicles under other brands.

Products & Services

The Cord Model III will be a 100% U.S.-made vehicle with engine and parts sourced from reputable manufacturers. The overall design of the Model III is intended to provide a more stable, comfortable ride for the driver and passenger. The company is working with high-end manufacturers who will provide the engine, transmission and other components.

The full concept of the Cord Model III brings the classic styling of American historic automobiles combined with today’s latest technology to offer the ultimate riding experience. Both comfortable and versatile, the new Model III is a one-of-a-kind vehicle for the motorcycle enthusiast, car collector or anyone wanting a unique and comfortable riding experience.

The Cord Model III offers top performance and quality safety features. The integral roll bars at the seat backs provide an extra level of safety and stability to the overall vehicle. Additionally, the interior has three-point safety belts along with a warning buzzer and belt fastened indicator. In addition, the Model III is designed to have exceptional handling and control to minimize the risk of accident.

The Cord Model III is estimated to reach a top speed of 125 miles per hour, accelerating a pace of 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds. The wide stance and extended wheelbase allows for exceptional stability and road handling for a motorcycle. Ease of entry and comfort of ride are prime features of the vehicle, to accommodate the target market and appeal to those not comfortable with handling traditional motorcycles.

An electric drive version of the Cord Model III is also planned, with the potential to produce a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle for use in retirement communities and for consumers desiring an electric vehicle.